We welcome, as well, the Cannabis Medicinal (CBD) consumers a well as the consumers of Recreative Marihuana (THC).
Additional to the Medicinal Marihuana (CBD) and the Recreative Cannabis (THC) our club offers a great variety.
Of course, you can also rest, relax and disconnect with some of the activites we set forth.  
  • The Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) GV-530 are non profit associations
  • The club’s policy and privacy data obliges us not to give information by any other means, from our website or social network, where you will find our address.

We provide our partners with a wide variety of products of the highest quality.

  • Be over 18 years.
  • Be a previous consumer of cannabis.
  • DNI document or Passport.
  • Have paid the annual membership.
  • Accept the internal norms of the club.
  • Come accompanied by another member.
  • Be invited by an existing member.
  • The sale of any article or substance dispensed in the association.
  • Share what is dispensed in our clubs. – Leave your own ID to another person.
  • Cause problems for partners or workers. 
  • Violating the club’s privacy policy.
  • Entry of Have any type of substance to the club’s.
  • Facilities an uncivil and inrespectful conduct at the entrance or surroundings of the clubs.